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West Perth Village Rates

Rates for West Perth Village Home for the Aged. The following fees are applicable to West Perth Village for the Aged.

Long-Stay Program

Type of Accommodation Daily Amount Monthly Amount
Basic or Standard Accommodation Various Styles
(Depending on when the home was contructed or renovated)
63.73 1938.46
Preferred Accommodation Semi-Private Room 72.47 2204.30
Preferred Accommodation Private Room 83.38 2536.14

Optional services (e.g. cable TV or hairdressing), can be purchased for an additional fee. Some long-stay residents in basic accommodation may be eligible for a rate reduction.

COVID-19 Resident & Family Update

The following report serves to provide our RLV & MNH residents and family members an update on action items and plans for the day to day operations of both homes.   Read More..

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