The following report serves to provide our RLV & MNH residents and family members an update on action items and plans for the day to day operations of both homes. 

The Covid-19 virus has demonstrated itself to be a fairly aggressive and fast-moving virus that is generally known to be transmitted through contact or droplet.  As such, the homes have adopted very stringent protocols that include the following;

  1. Mandatory self-isolation for any staff having travelled outside Canada within the last 14 days.
  2. Both homes in complete lock-down with no access for general public visitors and family.
  3. Cancellation of most programs related to Life enrichment including Hair Salon, Footcare, and external entertainment.  (internal staff will continue to provide some activities)
  4. Cancellation of all resident outings   
  5. Cancellation of all programs related to Outreach with the exception of Meals on Wheels. 
  6. Outreach will maintain a Friendly Phone call program for those community-based seniors at risk of isolation.
  7. Cancellation of Lifelabs community Blood clinics until further notice
  8. Cancellation of all regional healthcare meetings including conferences, OHT committee work, etc.
  9. Reduction in non-essential pharmaceutical workloads
  10. Cancellation of IT support services
  11. Mandatory utilization of PPE for all essential delivery personnel
  12. Availability of Personal Protective Equipment for all department employees.
  13. Daily monitoring of all Residents (and staff) for symptoms and mandatory isolation for residents exhibiting flu-like symptoms.
  14. Daily Senior Leadership team huddles to discuss the preparedness of our homes.

I would like to reassure all family members and residents that our homes are in good shape in terms of supplies and protocols.  However, notwithstanding, our best efforts are often thwarted when we least expect it.  We are staying vigilant and are optimistic that we will be able to limit our resident exposure to Covid-19.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me at your convenience. 


Jeff Renaud