The following report serves to provide our RLV & MNH residents and family members an update on action items and plans for the day to day operations of both homes. 

September 29, 2020

Dear Family and Residents:

This message serves as an important update for residents and family members on our visiting guidelines related to COVID-19. Over the last few weeks, our homes were required to lessen Ministry restrictions, which allowed for family members to both visit and take loved ones on daily outings. In the ensuing days, we have learned that there are significant spikes in new COVID cases across parts of Ontario with more than 40 new outbreaks at Long-term Care Homes and Retirement Communities respectively.

While the active COVID case load remains low in Huron and Perth Counties, the current trends are very concerning to LTC operators across the region, given our most recent experience. As such, Ritz Lutheran Villa and Mitchell Nursing Home have made the difficult decision to revise our current visiting guidelines in the following manner;

  • Effective Friday, October 2, 2020, all temporary outings (LOA) outside of emergency medical appointments will not be permitted.
  • Family members must produce verification of a negative Covid test if taking a resident to a medical appointment.
  • All medical Outings must be cleared with the care team prior to the day of the trip.
  • Indoor visits will be permitted for all visitors who provide a negative Covid test
  • Any resident or family member wishing to go on an outing or an overnight visit will be required to self-isolate for 14 days upon return to the home.

These actions are necessary to help safeguard the health of all residents living in our homes. I would also like to advise all stakeholders that our homes will implement more stringent measures outside of Ministry directives as the situation warrants. This may include a discontinuation of both outdoor and indoor visits including for those Caregivers who have been identified as Essential Caregivers. Please remember that all indoor visits are to take place in the resident room, the designated meeting room, or outdoors only. Please do not visit your loved one in the hallways, lounges or dining rooms.

A friendly reminder that Flu vaccine time is fast approaching. Please ensure you call the charge nurse at ext. 250 ASAP if you wish to change your consent or refusal to the influenza vaccine or influenza prophylaxis. As always, we welcome your feedback about all matters related to our homes.


Jeff Renaud, Administrator