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Food Advisory Councils are active at West Perth Village which promotes residential rights, autonomy and decision making. These meetings are held monthly. It provides residents with the opportunity to suggest menu items for special holidays, comment on current menus and approve any upcoming menu cycle and to discuss changes and concerns affecting the residents’ quality of life.

West Perth Village provides three healthy, delicious and enjoyable meals to residents daily. Each meal offers residents two freshly prepared choices off the menu. Snacks and beverages are offered three times a day, between meals and in the evening.

We have 4 well lit dining rooms that have adjustable tables that promote a more pleasurable dining experience and with 32 residents in each dining room there is always good conversation going on.

There is a full time Nutrition Services Director on duty, as well as a Registered Dietitian who comes to the Home twice per week to ensure all Residents dietary needs are met.

COVID-19 Resident & Family Update

The following report serves to provide our RLV & MNH residents and family members an update on action items and plans for the day to day operations of both homes.   Read More..

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