“You can see the farmland from here – the fields and the countryside. It’s not just any river or farmland – it’s what everyone here has grown up with. Building West Perth Village protects the choices we have for our parents and ourselves in the future. It’s an important part of employment here, there are co-op opportunities and volunteer opportunities.”

- Pamela Stewart

Join The Build

The foundation of a great life ahead for Perth County seniors is in the ground and construction materials are being delivered to the new site of West Perth Village every day.

This is an exciting time and we invite you to visit the site and drop by the office with a donation to keep us going!

Ways To Join

The best way to join the build is to help us achieve our $5 Million community contribution goal with a generous donation. We’re half way there and the building team is hard at work to ensure our seniors always have a home here.

Choose the donation type that works best for you, your family or your business by reviewing the options here.