Floor Plans & Drawings

We’re updating the architectural drawings of the new West Perth Village and what it will feel like. Your donations today will bring the drawings to life for our seniors.

There are four units of 32 beds each in West Perth Village. Each one is less like an institution and more like a neighbourhood.

Every room will have visual access to natural light, looking out into the country and the river setting.

That’s the spirit of our new seniors’ residence called West Perth Village; the blend of Ritz Lutheran Villa and Mitchell Nursing Home in a brand new facility that connects our legacy to a future of caring and compassion in a country setting. The provincial government approved the project under new standards at a cost of $25 Million. Our community’s share and fundraising goal is $5 Million.

Building for the Future

Not long ago, the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care upgraded the standards for long term care facilities. Built decades ago, both Ritz Lutheran Villa and Mitchell Nursing Home must now be upgraded to meet those standards. Without the upgrade, the beds will disappear over time.

We are fundraising to ensure our new West Perth Village is a Class A facility under the new guidelines. The design features four, 32-bed units that feel more like mini neighbourhoods than institutional living. Each will have its own dining room, lounge and activity area. Nursing station site lines will allow constant contact, and the rooms will be brighter with access to sunlight and a beautiful landscape.

We’ll update the features and amenities descriptions as we get closer to breaking ground for the new West Perth Village. Please give generously and help us ensure our seniors live in a community they can be proud of.

The Board of Directors

The Ritz Lutheran Villa/Mitchell Nursing Home Board of Directors will provide governance through the transition to West Perth Village. The team is committed, experienced and passionate about protecting local long term care in this community.

David Murray
Paul Parlee
Co-Vice Chairperson
Shirley Verhoeve
Donna-Lynn McLaughlin
Betty Duwyn
Co-Vice Chairperson
Susie Wedow
Jim Scott
Lisa Upshall
Sally Stacey
Colleen Eickmeir
Al Young

The Management Team

The teams from Mitchell Nursing Home and Ritz Lutheran Villa will come together to create a powerhouse of expertise and compassion for the residents of West Perth Village. We have a great group of caring professionals; donations to our new development will give them an equally outstanding facility.

Jeff Renaud
Becky Kester
Assistant Director of Care for RLV and MNH
Bill Van Bakel
Building Services Director
Alissa Dearing
Director of Care RLV
Christina Montero
Director of Care MNH
Vicky Wolfe Hinz
Manager of Outreach Services
Cherrie Sim
Nutrition Services
Leah McNain
Campus Life
Enrichment Director
Laura Clark
Finance Director


Please give generously today so our seniors can choose to live close to family and friends for years to come.

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